Speech & Language

Hello and welcome to our Speech & Language website for 2018/2019.

I will be keeping you up to date on what the S&L Classes do on a monthly basis.

June 2019.

Setting our ‘Painted Lady’ butterfly free on Friday 7th June.




One Butterfly has finally emerged from it’s cocoon.  We are still waiting on the other 3 to come out!!

Isn’t it pretty!!!


May 2019.

31st May.

Ms. O’ Neill and James had a joint birthday party on Friday, and we all enjoyed the lovely cream cake.


Monday 27th May.

We had a lovely visit to the town playground this morning for ‘Active School Week’.



Monday 27th May.

Butterflies are now moved to the habitat as they are in their chrysalides now.  We have to wait another 7-14 days.



Monday May 20th.

Getting much bigger!!!!


Monday 13th May.

The caterpillars are getting bigger every day.

This month our theme is ‘Under the Sea’ check out our lovely boards.



We are growing butterflies in Ms. O’ Neill’s classroom, we received the 5 caterpillars in the post and we are taking great care of them.  We will keep you posted.

5 baby caterpillars.




April 2019.

Easter Egg hunt in Ms. O’Neill’s class.




Easter Egg Hunt for Ms. Maguire’s class.




Science experiment to see what is waterproof?






March 2019.

Mother’s Day cards.



Kayla’s Birthday.




Green Day (La Glas) at school.


sound of the week ‘J’ is for jelly.


Chloe’s birthday party.


Pyjama day in school.




World Book Day in Easons book shop.






February 2019.


Busy doing Valentine’s Art, hope everyone had a lovely day!!





Show and tell in Ms Maguire’s room with their favourite item of clothing!






The children in Ms O’ Neill’s class doing ‘dough disco’.  They all have a piece of playdough in their hands and they follow the instructions on the whiteboard of doing the different moves, this is very beneficial for the children for their fine motor skills as they are using their fingers to pat and push the playdough.




















Shauna’s 5th birthday party.  Happy Birthday Shauna!!









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