School Calendar

SCHOOL CALENDAR   2019 – 2020

 Opening 1st term               Wednesday 28 August 2019

Mid-term break             Closed Monday 28th October to Friday 1st November inclusive

Christmas Holidays       Closing on Friday 20  December 2019 

                                               Re-opening on Monday 6  January 2020

Mid-term break              Closed Thursday 20 and Friday 21 February 2020

St. Patrick’s Day             Closed Tuesday 17th March 2020

Easter Holidays              Closing Friday 3 April 2020

                                               Re-opening on Monday  20 April 2020

Public Holiday                 Closed Monday 4 May 2020

Public Holiday                 Closed Monday 1 June 2020

Summer Holidays          Closing  Friday  19 June 2020

 This calendar is subject to change in the event of a closure for an exceptional cause i.e., adverse weather conditions, building/maintenance, teacher  training, etc.

It is expected that children will not be taken out of school during school term and holidays should be arranged during OFFICIAL closure times.

Under the terms of the Education Welfare Act, the school Principal is obliged by law to report to the Education Welfare Board any child who is absent from school for 20 days or more during a school year. (this includes absenteeism for medical reasons)

SCHOOL CALENDAR   2018 / 2019

 Opening 1st term               Wednesday 29 August 2018

                                             (Monday 29th October to Friday 2nd  November incl)

Christmas Holidays       Closing on Friday 21st  December 2018 

                                               Re-opening on Monday 7th  January 2019

Mid-term break              Closed Thursday 21 and Friday 22 February 2019

St. Patrick’s Day             Closed Monday 18th March 2019

Easter Holidays              Closing Friday 12 April 2019

                                               Re-opening on Monday  29 April 2019

Public Holiday                 Closed Monday 6 May 2019

Public Holiday                 Closed Monday 3 June 20196

Summer Holidays          Closing  Friday  21 June 2019


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