Art Club

Ms Fitzpatrick and Ms Mc Cartin run an Art Club on Wednesday afternoons from 2.40 – 3.30. All budding young artists are invited to attend Art Club, where their creative talents will be fostered! At the moment thirty 2nd and 3rd class boys are taking part in a 6 week programme and 4th, 5th and 6th class will get their turn in November!

Week 1

The first weeks class consisted of getting to know each other and then creating personal masks. Some of the masks were really quite scary!!

img_4823 img_4822 img_4826

 Week 2

This week we made owls from paper plates. We cut a paper plate in half for the wings and attached them either side of a full paper plate and then used another full paper plate for the head. We then painted them in out choice of colour 🙂

img_4859 img_4857

img_4861 img_4860