Ms Smith-Lynch

Enjoying some hot chocolate and marshmallows.

A double Santa hat!

Eating Santa hats made from Oreos, cream and strawberries.

Making edible snowmen from digestive biscuits, icing, marshmallows, chocolate icing and buttons.

Meeting Santa

Rainbow Hot Air Balloons.

We made made hot air balloons in art today. We used multi-coloured fabrics and pom-poms to make patterns on the balloon. We coloured in the basket using markers and crayons.

We did our best, and we all agreed the glue was very sticky.

Building with Bones!

We recently explored the bones in science. 

Here are some interesting facts:

  • A baby has 300 bones.

  • An adult has 206 bones.

  • The rib cage protects our lungs.

  • The skull protects our brain.

  • The sternum protects our heart.

  • Joints helps us bend and move our limbs.