Ms Maguire & Mrs O’Neill


Hello and welcome to our Speech & Language website for 2018.

I will be keeping you up to date on what the S&L Classes do on a monthly basis.

The S&L classes performed the Rudolph Hokey Pokey for the whole school at assembly today.

They all did a great job!
Well done.









December 2018.

Listening to our school choir singing Christmas carols on the market square.



Making chocolate and coconut marshmallows. Yum!


























Christmas art from Ms. O’ Neill’s room.





Christmas art from Ms. Maguire’s room.







The Speech & Language class did a fantastic job acting out’ The Nativity’ and their little Christmas songs on Friday 14th December.   We got great help from two of the 3rd class children, James played the donkey and Danny stepped in at the last minute to play a shepherd as one of the children was sick. Well done everybody!


The cast of December 2018. The Nativity.












Making a Santa each in Ms. Maguire’s class.





We all went to see the film ‘The Grinch’ today at the cinema. We had a brilliant time.









Making snowmen in Ms. Maguire’s class.



The children all received their cycling certificates from the guys in ‘Bike Green’. Well done everyone.




November 2018.

Look who has appeared on Ms. O’Neill’s classroom door!!!


Jai’s 5th birthday party. His Dad made him the beautiful dinosaur cake.













Ignas celebrating his 7th birthday with his classmates on Tuesday 13th.


On Friday 9th November, ‘Bike Green’ came to our school to teach children to cycle their bikes.  The S&L classes will be having 4 sessions over the next few weeks.  The children had great fun cycling up and down the hall as the bad weather didn’t allow us to be outside.










October 2018.

Halloween party together.  Happy Halloween everyone from the Speech & Language class!!!






Halloween Art from Ms. O’Neill’s class.


On a Halloween Hunt!!


Halloween art from Ms. Maguire’s class.



Nature Walk to Erica’s Forest Park.







Spooky play dough!!


19th October.

We had a Cheerios breakfast morning today in aid of Childline.  €197.50 was raised in the school. Well done St. Felim’s.










We celebrated Dominic’s 8th birthday on Friday. He brought in a lovely chocolate cake and treats to share with everyone.





Some great things brought in for the sound table this week.  Sound of the week is ‘n’.


Ms. Maguire’s class doing ‘Buddy Reading’ with some of the 5th class boys.





















Horse Chestnut collecting from the tree in our school.


Tasting the blackberries.

September 2018.

Our visit to Cavan Library.

checking out the fish in the library.











Ms. Maguire’s goals display.


Ms. O’ Neill’s class busy at play.


Jai busy writing.



Ms. Maguire’s class working on shape pictures using geo boards, and cards.




Ms. Maguire’s class making a volcano.


Ms.O’Neill’s class.

Niamh working with Kayla, Shauna and Matas.

Ms. O’ Neill’s class display


Our Speech Therapist Shauna working with Olivia.


Ms. Maguire’s class celebrating Julia’s 7th birthday with a lovely chocolate cake that Julia brought in.





Friday 15th June 2018.

We had a very busy day in St. Felim’s today, firstly Norman Mills our lollipop man of 28 years is retiring next week so we held a little retirement assembly especially for him, the children in the school did some poems, songs and cards and presented him with two cakes.

When the assembly was over we all went outside to see Norman raise our 2nd ‘Green Flag’.  Then at 12 o’clock the ice-cream van arrived on the school yard and every child got an ice-cream cone as a special treat to mark Norman’s day.














13th June 2018.

We had our end of year show ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ today. The children did a fantastic job as usual.  Well done!








12th June 2018.

We had a visit today from a dog called ‘Magic’ from the Dog’s trust.’





8th June 2018.


We went to the Ramor Theatre this morning to see ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’, it was brilliant and the children loved it!


7th June 2018.

Glorious weather for our ‘sports day’ this morning.  The children participated in 14 different activities so they were all exhausted by the end of it but they thoroughly enjoyed it!!












30th May 2018.

Ms. Maguire’s class made lovely Banana Cake yesterday, it tasted yummy!


21st May 2018.

Over the weekend our final butterfly emerged from his chrysalides the children named it ‘Sleepyhead’ as it took longer than the others to come out.  We set him free among the flowers.



18th May 2018.

Release day!  We released the butterflies today out into the field with the wild flowers. Goodbye and Good luck painted ladies!!


17th May 2018.

Big News this morning!  Three butterflies have emerged from their chrysalides, we actually witnessed one happening as we came in from dancing class.  The children were totally thrilled and amazed at the sight!!!  Meet our new class mates Zack, Lucy and Ella.









The children in Ms. O’ Neills class enjoying playing with the water table.







8th May 2018.

We moved the chrysalides very carefully this morning to their new habitat.  Hopefully they will turn into beautiful butterflies over the next two weeks!!!

4th May 2018.

Alex celebrated his 7th birthday on Friday, he brought in a lovely chocolate cake to share with both classes.  Happy Birthday Alex!!


3rd May.

The caterpillars are starting to change into chrysalides.



26th April.

The caterpillars are getting really big now!


Check out our Caterpillar display board done by Ms. O’ Neill’s class.


20th April.

Our caterpillars are getting bigger!

18th April 2018.

It was Sarah’s 6th Birthday today and she brought in a lovely chocolate cake to share with all the children.






















Three Guards came into school today to talk to the three 2nd classes and the speech & language classes, they showed the children all the equipment they need to keep us safe and they let them see the Garda car and hear the sirens.  All the children really enjoyed the visit.







Look what arrived in the post for Ms. O’Neill’s class today.  Five baby caterpillars, we are going to look after them and feed them over the next few weeks and hopefully they will turn into Butterflies!!!  We will keep you posted on their progress.







Gymnastics every Tuesday with Esther.




Yoga continues every week with Catherine.


The children planting ‘cress’ seeds on Friday 9th March.  Hopefully they will grow!!!













I hope all the Mum’s had a lovely Mother’s Day yesterday, and that they enjoyed their fantastic cards the children made!!







Yesterday Chloe Drury celebrated her 5th birthday, she brought in a lovely chocolate cake made by her Mum to share with all the children.  Happy Birthday Chloe!!!













8th March 2018.

Three of the children in Ms. O’Neill’s class surprised us today by coming in dressed up as their favourite character from a book they like for ‘World Book Day’.  Khloe came as Ana from Frozen, Padraig was batman and Sarah came as Mary Poppins complete with umbrella and bag.  They look fantastic, well done!!

7th March 2018.

We all visited Eason’s this morning to get our books for ‘World Book Day’ the children got a little chocolate treat too!



Valentine’s Day art.


The children doing the 10@10 exercises for operation transformation.





Pancake Tuesday, the children enjoyed eating pancakes in the staffroom yesterday!!



Drop Everything and Read, each child in the school picks a book to read for 10 minutes each week.

Ms.O’ Neill’s class enjoying their books.


Potato printing art.

Making St. Brigid’s Day crosses on the 1st February in Ms. Maguire’s class.


The children had great fun on Wednesday 31st of January at dance class dressing up in clothes Mary brought in for them.  They came up with some super names for their characters!!










Another Friday and another birthday, today it was Nicholas’ birthday, he brought in a lovely chocolate cake to share with everyone.  He is 8 years old today.  Happy Birthday Nicholas!!








The children visit the library every Friday.















Friday 19th January was Patrick’s birthday, he brought in a lovely chocolate cake to share with everyone.  Happy 6th Birthday Patrick!!



Welcome back everyone and a happy new year from us all here in St. Felim’s.

Khloe Metcalfe had her 6th birthday here in school on Friday. She brought in a lovely cake to share with both classes. Happy birthday Khloe!










We started off 2018 with a birthday party for Sean, he kindly brought in a lovely chocolate cake to share with the children.  Happy 7th birthday Sean!!!



Thursday 21 December 2017

We went to Cafe Mana for hot chocolate and toast, this was a special treat from the teachers to the children for Christmas!

Ms. Maguire’s class Show, Tell and Ask display in the corridor.  Well done to them all, great work.





Firstly lets introduce you to the two classes for 2017 – 2018.






This is Ms.O’ Neill’s class.

Back L-R Sarah, Khloe, Alex, Ignas and Padraig.

Front sitting Jake and Chloe.








Ms. Maguire’s class.

Back. Dominic, Ms. Maguire, Jack & Nicole.

Front. Rian, Sean, Nicholas, & Patrick.









This is Niamh the SNA for both S&L classes pictured here with Sarah.







This is Shauna the Speech Therapist who works with both the S&L classes pictured here with, from L-R: Chloe, Ignas, Khloe and Jake.









It was Nicole’s 8th Birthday last week and she very kindly brought in a lovely cake to share with the class.


Chloe, Jake and Ignas are busy sorting.


Ms. O’ Neill’s class ‘All about me’ display in the corridor.

Ms. Maguire’s class display ‘All About Me’.



Ms. O’ Neill’s Junior Infants are doing the sound ‘t’ this week, so we treated the full class to some toast in the staffroom today.


‘When we were Babies’ display in Ms. O’Neill’s class.


Yoga every Thursday morning.



Having fun with the water table in Ms. O’ Neill’s class.


Making the house of straw for the ‘Three little Pigs’ display in Ms. Maguire’s class.

The house of sticks completed by Dominic and Nicholas.




The finished result with the artists. Well Done!! Fabulous work!!


‘Cheerios Breakfast Morning’. 19th October.

€400 euro raised for Childline.



Ms. Maguire’s class making ‘Gratitude’ jars.

Something ‘Spooky’ with playdough in Ms. O’Neills class.  October 2017.

Writing the ‘ee or’ sound in the witch’s cauldron.









Ms. O’Neill’s class are doing all about people who help us, so we had a special visitor in our class today – Norman the Lollypop man!

Trip to Erica’s Fairy Forest November 2017.






















It was Ignas’ 6th birthday on Monday 13th November, the children had lovely buns, cake and drinks to celebrate!




Show & Tell week 1 – Our Favourite Toy.
























Both Speech & Language classes had great fun at Padraig’s 6th Birthday today.  Padraig’s Mum and Dad sent in loads of treats for all the children to share. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PADRAIG!!  ENJOY!!!

















Wednesday 29th November.

This morning we had a visit from Kenneth the local vet.  He told us  about how to look after our pets whether they were big or small.  The children got to ask questions and they loved to hear the stories about a vets life.


1st of December today and Ignas was the lucky child picked to open the first day of the calendar and get a chocolate. Every day a different child will get to open a door.



Enjoying the carol singers and eating ice-cream in the Market Square on Friday 8th December.

Show & Tell & Ask ‘A special Book’.



Having fun on the yard in the snow!



Our brilliant Nativity cast for Christmas 2017.





Having fun at the cinema on Monday 18th December. The whole school went to see Paddington 2. We all had a great time!










Healthy Christmas walk today around Cavan town.



Christmas art in Ms. Maguire’s class.


Christmas art in Ms. O’ Neill’s class.



















































































5th April 2017.

Ms. Maguire’s class made some Easter rabbits today using face cloths.  They look beautiful.


























28th March 2017.

Conor Gibson received his ‘champion fruit and vegetable eater certificate’ from Mr. Tierney today. Conor is brilliant at eating all the healthy food that he brings in his food dude lunchbox everyday.  Well done Conor!


27th March 2017.

Hope all the mum’s had a lovely ‘Mother’s Day’ yesterday, and I’m sure they all loved the beautiful cards they received from the children in school.  Here are Ms. Maguire’s class showing their lovely creations.





Ms. Maguire’s class made tasty ‘Banana Fool’ dessert today. They enjoyed making it and really enjoyed eating it!!


















Thursday March 16th 2017.

The whole school celebrated ‘Green Day’ today in honour of St. Patrick.  We had Irish music, dancing and drama in the school hall and everyone wore green for this occasion.  A great day was had by all.

Irish dancers from Farnham N.S.















March 2017.

Check out the great St. Patrick’s art work that Ms. Maguire’s class have completed.










March 2017.

The children in Ms. O’ Neill’s class have been very busy working together to construct a wooden tower.  It takes a lot of concentration!!










March 11th.

Ms. O’ Neill’s class celebrated Leo’s 6th birthday today.  Leo very kindly shared his cake with them all.











March 6th ‘World Book Day’.

Every child in the school got to go to Easons book shop up town to pick a book for free they also got a chocolate treat.









Ms. O’ Neill’s class being creative with Lego.

DSCN2792DSCN2793 (1)DSCN2791









March 2017.

Ms. Maguire’s class did lovely St. Patricks Day weaving.








28th February 2017.

Today was pancake day.  The children were given lovely pancakes with different toppings, chocolate spread was the favourite.  Here they are enjoying them in the teacher’s staffroom.
























22nd February 2017.

On Wednesday as a special treat for all their hard work this term and because it was the mid-term break, we brought the two Speech & Language classes to ‘Café Mana’ for sausages, toast and hot chocolate and then afterwards we went to the cinema to see ‘Moana’.  We had a brilliant morning and all the children loved it.  They were all so good and well behaved in the café and the cinema.  A lovely start to the mid-term break.  Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!!





















21st February 2017.

Ms. Maguire’s class are very busy doing their ‘Rainbow Fish’ display.  They did some fabulous work.









13th February 2017.

Ms O’Neills class made lovely Valentine pictures today.









February 2017.

Ms. Maguire’s Valentine’s Display board.  Looking Fab!









February 10th 2017.

Ms. O’Neills class made cool hand puppets today.









February 2017.

Love is in the air in Ms. Maguire’s room!!.  The children made beautiful hearts.
















February 2017.

Yoga class every Thursday with Catherine the yoga teacher, is very popular with the Speech & Language classes.









25th January 2017.

Ms. Maguire’s class made a lovely basil sauce pasta in class last week.  They prepared all the vegetables themselves and helped Ms. Maguire do the whole dish.  It looked and tasted beautiful. Well done!!






















































































005 006





21st December 2016.

The senior boys in St. Felim’s were singing carols in the town square this morning.  The speech & language classes went down to watch them and give them some support, then they all got to join in.











19th December 2016.

Some lovely Christmas cards in Ms. O’ Neill’s class and the children had fun wrapping presents and pretending to be elves in Santa’s workshop.











16th  December 2016.

We had our ‘Nativity’ and little show today.  Everyone was so excited especially when their family’s came in.  All the children did a great job and at the end of the show they had a special visit from Santa.


‘December 2016.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the Speech and Language classes! Check out our great art.


2nd December 2016.

Ms. O’Neill’s class were doing their ‘h’ sound this week so as a little treat we made them some ‘Hot Chocolate’, they sat around drinking their lovely drink while listening to a great winter story.  Very nice!!!




1st December 2016.

Ms. Maguire’s class wrote their letters to Santa today.  When they had finished writing, they walked up to the post office, bought stamps and then posted them in the special post box at the door.  Let’s hope they hear from Santa soon.




28th November 2016.

Big thanks today to the family of Fionn Og Owens, who kindly donated €240 to the Speech & Language class.  The money was raised through Corlough GFC, who annually hold a football match in honour of Fionn’s uncle who passed away 10 years ago.  Fionn spent one year in Ms. O’ Neill’s Junior room and made great progress.  We will put the money to good use to benefit all the current children in the Speech & Language classes.

Below see photo of Fionn when he was in the class last year.


25th November 2016.

Ms. Maguire’s class were very busy today doing some lovely art.  They did some blow painting, splatter painting and fold over painting.  Great work everybody.  A very enjoyable afternoon for everyone.



25th November 2016.

Ms. O’Neill brought in a lovely cardboard house today.  After we assembled it the children got a chance to colour it in, it kept them very busy and they did a terrific job on it.  Better than any decorators!!!

dscn2546 dscn2547dscn2548dscn2550dscn2552


25th November 2016.

This week we have started ‘Food Dudes’, I’m sure your children have been telling you about tasting a different fruit and vegetable every day.  Yesterday it was peppers and banana, each child had to take a bite of each item.  All the children did very well this week and so they received a pedometer to monitor how many steps they take each day and some lovely stickers.  Next week more tasting and hopefully more rewards!!!



17th November 2016.

Four of the boys in Ms. O’Neill’s class did great work yesterday. Jake, Leo, Rian and Alex cut out their own snakes, they were able to get them in the spiral shape and then they each made a house for their snake. Good job boys!!!




28th October 2016.

Some fantastic Halloween costumes in the Speech & Language classes today.  We were very scared!!!!



Great fun was had at the Halloween party above!!!!


Lovely art in Ms. Maguire’s class.  What great witches legs!


27th October 2016.

Making scrambled eggs in Ms. Maguire’s class.

dscn2493 dscn2495 dscn2497dscn2500 dscn2501dscn2502


Check out the Halloween art in Ms. O’Neill’s class.

dscn2490 dscn2491dscn2492



Ms. Maguire’s class had fun today making marshmallow hats, they also went on a lovely nature trail around the school collecting conkers and blackberries.

dscn2478 dscn2480 dscn2482 dscn2483 dscn2484dscn2464dscn2465dscn2466dscn2469


21st October 2016.

It was  cereal day today and each child in the school brought in a bowl and spoon to have their cheerios breakfast , the money raised was given to Childline.  St. Felim’s raised over €300 so well done everyone.





21st October 2016.

It was Rian’s 5th birthday today.  He brought in lovely cupcakes to share with the class.  Rian had a lot to celebrate this week as he is now a big brother to baby Josh who was born on Wednesday.




14th October 2016.

Ms. Maguire’s class painted some great tree pictures in class today.



13th October 2016.

Ms. Maguire’s class made some Banana cake in school today.  It turned out beautiful and tasted delicious!!!!





13th October.

The children in Ms. O’ Neill’s class brought in great things for the sound table this week.  The sound was ‘n’.




11th October 2016.

Ms. Maguire’s class made sandwiches today.  Each child picked a filling of their choice and made their own sandwich.  Well done they look smashing.





7th October 2016.

The Speech & Language classes went to Killykeen Forest Park this morning.  We were blessed with a beautiful crisp dry day.  The children enjoyed playing with sticks down by the river, kicking leaves on our nature walk, running around the endless grass areas and watching the fishermen in their little motor boats.  A fun time was had by all.dscn2399 dscn2397 dscn2401 dscn2403 dscn2405 dscn2396

dscn2409 dscn2414dscn2413




6th October 2016.

It was a special day for Robert Metcalfe today.  He is 7 years old.  He brought in a beautiful chocolate cake to share with the two Speech & Language classes and some lovely sweets.   We all had a little party in the hall to celebrate.  It was also Deividas’ birthday this week so it was a double celebration.





30th September 2016.

Today we had the opening of our new school wings.  There were great celebrations as we welcomed the Bishop Leo O’ Reilly, Priests, some of our local ministers and invited guests to our lovely ceremony.   The guests were treated to some lovely singing from our school choir, we had a linguistic welcome from many of the various nationalities in our school, there were guest speakers, the blessing of the building from the Bishop and finally the unveiling of the plaque dedicated to the late former principal Mr. Pat Ryan it was very emotional for his wife Ann to unveil this.  One of the new wings will be known as the Pat Ryan wing, such a fitting honour for a true gentleman. A child from each class brought up symbols to show what we do in St. Felim’s.   Nicole in Ms. Maguire’s class and Rian in Ms. O’ Neills class were chosen for this task. Nicole also got chosen to present flowers to minister Heather Humphreys (Minister for Arts and Heritage)  and to Ann Ryan.


Entrance to St. Felim’s.                                        Nicole presenting Heather Humphreys with flowers.   dscn2374dscn2375

Rian placing his symbol.



Nicole presenting Ann Ryan with flowers too.


29th September 2016.


Look at our iiiiii indian head bands that we made in class today. dscn2362


28th September 2016. ‘i’ sound this week.  The children made some ‘i’ letters from play dough.  Well done everyone.     dscn2347 dscn2348 dscn2346   26th September 2016. Check out some of our great displays.!! dscn2341dscn2342dscn2350dscn2343dscn2344     23rd September 2016.   This week the Junior Infants were doing the sound and letter ‘t’.  As a little treat Ms. O’ Neill brought in some bread, butter and jam to make all the children toast.  As you can see from the photographs the children thoroughly enjoyed it. dscn2336dscn2337dscn2338dscn2339 6th September 2016. ‘Happy Birthday’ to Nicole who is 7 years old today.  Nicole brought in a lovely birthday cake to share with the children in the senior S&L class.  They all loved the special treat and it was quickly eaten up!! DSCN2313      DSCN2309 2nd September 2016. Welcome back to all the children in the two Speech & Language classes especially all the new children, the teachers Ms. Maguire, and Ms O’ Neill, SNA Niamh and Speech Therapist Shauna. We look forward to a happy and healthy year here at St. Felim’s.  We will keep you up to date on all the things we do over the coming year here on the website.  Firstly lets meet the two classes, see the photo’s below:-   DSCN2300 (1)    DSCN2301

Ms. O’ Nells Junior S&L Class.                                                  Ms. Maguire’s Senior S&L Class.

Back row- Ms.O’ Neill, Alex, Rian, Leo and Jake.                   Back row- Alan, Ms. Maguire, Nicole and Deividas.

Front row- Sarah, Patrick and Khloe.                                        Front row- Conor, Paul, Tristan and Robert.




24th June 2016 Happy Holidays to all the boys and girls and teachers!!!!  Looking forward to seeing Conor, Tristan Paul and Alan in August. It is with a heavy heart and tears that we are saying goodbye to Harry, Ben, Deimis, Ronan, Fionn, Sam, Serena, Emma, and Jake we will miss you all.  Majus is leaving the S&L class but is staying in St. Felim’s so see you in August too!!! Take-care everyone.  Best Wishes from Ms. O’ Neill, Ms. Maguire, Niamh and Shauna.  The Speech & Language team.     23rd June 2016. The Speech & Language classes went on their annual tour to ‘Killinkere Pet Farm’.  We had a lovely sunny day and as we were the only school there we got farmer Paddy’s full attention.  The children got to see all the animals and they were allowed to feed and pet some of them.  They all had a ride on the two lovely horses and then later we were brought for a spin in the trailer down to the ‘Trolls’ bridge.  All in all it was a great day and we arrived back to school safe and sound at 2pm.  Tired but happy!!!

15th June 2016. This morning the Speech & Language classes had their end of year show ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.  It was a great success, all the children remembered their lines and did fantastic dancing.  They had great support from their families who thoroughly enjoyed it.  After the show the children who are leaving this year received a certificate and a keep sake of some photos taken throughout the year.  We also had the official opening of the new Speech & Language playground, which was made possible by the great fundraising done by  Paul and Pamela Sheridan from Corglas, Kilnaleck whose children Charlie and Harry both attended the Speech & Language class here.  The children finished off by letting 14 balloons fly into the sky, it was a very emotional and touching day for both parents and staff. DSCN2186  DSCN2191   Children practising for their show.                                  Both Speech & Language classes with from back L-R Shauna, Niamh, Ms. Maguire, Mary and Ms. O’Neill. DSCN2193DSCN2194   The lovely graduation cake given to the children by Glanmore. DSCN2197                            DSCN2201 Paul and Pamela Sheridan unveiling the plaque for the new playground.                                                                                                       Cutting the ribbon. .   DSCN2202            DSCN2204 Getting ready to set the balloons off.                                            Up, up and away!!!!………Where will they go!!   13th June 2016.   The whole school got to go to the cinema today, the film was ‘Angry Birds’, it was very funny and we had a good laugh!!  Very enjoyable morning had by all.     9th June 2016. We went on a lovely trip today to the Ramor Theatre to see ‘Pinocchio’, we had a fabulous time and the children loved it.  On the way home we stopped off at Mc Donald’s for some happy meals, the children all got a lovely balloon on the way out too.   2nd June 2016. We had a brilliant ‘Sports Day’  up in Terry Coyle park this morning.  The children enjoyed participating in the many different races, like the egg and spoon, water race, beach relay, welly throwing, 3 legged race and numerous other races.  A great day was had by all!! DSCN2138DSCN2142DSCN2140DSCN2153DSCN2156DSCN2162DSCN2151DSCN2167DSCN2174DSCN2183DSCN2181DSCN2182DSCN2143DSCN2177   1st June 2016. We had a lovely visitor to our school today.  A beautiful eight day old donkey brought in by Harry’s Dad Paul Sheridan.  The children were so excited and asked loads of questions.  ‘Sooty’ the donkey was a big hit.  A big thanks to Paul for bringing him in to see us. DSCN2118DSCN2119DSCN2120DSCN2123DSCN2122     19th May 2016. Both Speech & Language classes went on a little trip to visit Cavan fire station today.  We were met by fireman Johnny who told us all about the clothes he has to wear when he goes out on a call.  He showed us where they get the information when there has been a call about an accident or a fire,  we saw the fire engines and we got to get into one and put on the noisy siren.  Then fireman Eamon brought the children out to the yard to let them use the water hose.  They really enjoyed this.  We had a lovely time and Johnny and Eamon were so good to show us around.  At the end of the trip the children all received a safety pack to bring home with them.   DSCN2050DSCN2054DSCN2056DSCN2058DSCN2060DSCN2062DSCN2065DSCN2076DSCN2081DSCN2087DSCN2091DSCN2101   16th May 2016. ‘Buddy reading’ still continuing every Monday, the children really enjoy it and they are getting a real love for books. DSCN2044   13th May 2016. Both classes came together today to work at making a new display board for the school hall.  We are making hot air balloons.  I will post a picture of the finished result soon.   This is all of us busy at work.  See below. DSCN2036DSCN2037DSCN2038DSCN2041DSCN2039DSCN2042     4th May 2016. The Speech & Language classes had a lovely treat at break-time today.  They got to go into the new playground for the first time.  They especially loved the slide and Ms. O’ Neill couldn’t resist having a go on it herself.   DSCN2020DSCN2024DSCN2021DSCN2030DSCN2025DSCN2026DSCN2022DSCN2028     27th April 2016. This morning the whole school went on  our ‘health walk’ around the Drumalee triangle.  From the pictures it looks like a really lovely day but it was actually really cold!!!  The two speech & language classes walked as far as the playground and then back to school. DSCN2018 (2)DSCN2019 (2) 21st April 2016. This week we made an interesting table in Ms. O’ Neill’s class.  Each child brought in something from home that they find interesting.  Ms. O’ Neill, Niamh and Shauna also had to bring in something too.  We had to describe the item and tell everybody all about it.  Check out our photos below.   DSCN2016DSCN2017 18th April 2016. Ms. Maguire’s class are very lucky to have Artist Kim Doherty coming in every Monday to do some art lessons this term.  Today’s session was working with clay, the children were allowed to create whatever they wanted.  Serena choose to make a rabbit.  Paul and Alan  made a cup.  Jake and Sam made figures from cartoon programmes and Majus made a map of Ireland and a bowl. Emma made a bowl.  Considering it was there first time to work with clay they did a pretty good job!   DSCN2013DSCN2004DSCN2005DSCN2006DSCN2011DSCN2008DSCN2010 14th April 2016. Another lovely session at yoga today.  The children find this very calming and relaxin g.   DSCN1995DSCN1999DSCN2001DSCN1997 11th April 2016. This morning both  the Speech & Language classes started ‘Buddy Reading’ with the boys from the two fourth classes in the school.  Each child was partnered with a child from either Ms. Reilly’s or Ms. Smith’s class.  As you can see from the photographs the children were very engrossed in the stories and enjoyed having an older child to read to them.  It is a great way for the classes to mix and nice for the older children to meet the younger boys and girls.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience so  we will continue this every Monday morning for this term.  Talk to     your child about the books they read and who their partner is.   DSCN1979DSCN1981DSCN1982DSCN1983DSCN1984DSCN1985  DSCN1980 6th April 2016. Emma celebrated her 8th birthday today in Ms. Maguire’s class with a lovely chocolate cake that she shared with everyone.  It was Majus 8th birthday at the end of March and as we were on our Easter holidays he didn’t get to celebrate at school.  Emma kindly let Majus have a turn to blow out the candles on her cake as well.     DSCN1973DSCN1974DSCN1975DSCN1976 16th March 2016. Ms. Maguire’s class enjoyed doing a lovely Easter egg hunt today in school.  They had to read the clues and then go and find all the lovely eggs. One of the clues was Mr. Tierney’s office, lucky the children got to them before he found them and ate them up!!   DSCN1971DSCN1966DSCN1959DSCN1964   Tristan’s mum brought in Tristan’s little puppy ‘Buddy’ to see the children in Ms. O’ Neill’s class.  They had great fun lifting and cuddling him before Tristan’s mum brought him home.   DSCN1926DSCN193015th March 2016. It was a very special day at St. Felim’s today as it was the day of our proclamation and raising of the Irish flag to commemorate 100 years since the 1916 rising in Ireland.  Each class read their own proclamation and we were treated to some lovely Irish dancing from two little girls from a local school of dancing.  As the youngest student in St. Felim’s Conor Gibson in the Junior Speech & Language class got to carry the Irish flag outside where it was raised up by a member of staff in front of the whole school.  We finished our celebrations by singing our national anthem. DSCN1945DSCN1951DSCN1952 DSCN1954DSCN1948 9th March 2016. Ms. O’ Neill’s class are doing the letter ‘j’ this week.  So as a special treat we made them some jelly and Ms. O’ Neill brought in some ice-cream.  Everyone loved this!!! DSCN1913[1]DSCN1914[1]DSCN1915[1]   DSCN1917[1]DSCN1918[1] 8th March 2016. The Speech & Language classes walked to ‘Easons’  book shop today.  It is ‘World Book Day’ this week and to celebrate it every child receives a voucher for a free book.  The children got to look at all the books available and then they choose the one they wanted.  Smiles all round with their new books!! DSCN1911[1]4th March 2016. The Speech & Language classes got a lovely surprise this morning, we had two new additions to the class, ‘Holly’ the baby goat and ‘Sukie’ the baby lamb.  They belong to Harry Sheridan in Senior Infants and his Dad Paul very kindly brought them in for us to see.  The children got to pet and hold them and they also got to feed them with bottles.  It was a lovely treat and it really made us feel that Spring is here at last!! graduation 529graduation 521 graduation 504graduation 510 graduation 511graduation 523 graduation 518graduation 508 26th February 2016. This morning both classes went on a visit to Cavan library.  The children got to spend time browsing at the books before picking one to bring home with them.  They were very quiet and well behaved and the librarian said they were the best class to visit and they were welcome anytime. DSCN1842[1]DSCN1843[1]DSCN1844[1]DSCN1851[1]DSCN1847[1]DSCN1846[1] DSCN1841[1] DSCN1852[1]DSCN1853[1]DSCN1850[1] 24th February 2016. Today Ms. Maguire’s class celebrated the Chinese New Year by having a lovely feast of noodles, egg fried rice and prawn crackers.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the nice surprise . DSCN1838[1]DSCN1839[1] 23rd February 2016. This morning the Speech & Language classes finished their ‘Zoom Boom’ .  Coach Aisling Doonan said they did a fantastic job and they were presented with their lovely certificates.  She also told the children to keep up the great exercises and to keep active. DSCN1837 (2) DSCN1837 (2) 22nd February 2016. This week is ‘Active School Week’.  The whole school went for a walk this afternoon around the Drumalee triangle. Ms. Maguire’s class managed a good walk in the drizzly rain and they really enjoyed it . DSCN1835 12th February 2016. The children in Ms. Maguires class made love bug cards and chocolate hearts for their mammy’s for valentine’s day.  I hope all the mammy’s had a lovely day. graduation 495graduation 497 12th February 2016. It’s the ‘l’ sound in Ms. O’Neill’s class today the boys made lovely paper lollipops. They were also very busy today making lovely valentines cards for   their mammy’s.  I hope all the mammy’s had a lovely day and liked their presents. graduation 491 graduation 478 12th February 2016. It was ‘Show & Tell’  again in Ms. Maguires class today.  Serena brought in her pet  rabbit ‘Dottie’ much to the excitement of everyone.  Dottie behaved very well and seemed to enjoy all the attention. graduation 489graduation 485 graduation 486 graduation 482 9th February 2016. Pancake day.  Ms. Maguires class enjoyed some lovely pancakes with chocolate chips.  Very nice!   Majus  enjoyed them so much he is pleading for more. graduation 466 5th February 2016. We have a teaching student called Aisling Martin who will be with Ms. Maguires class for the next few Friday’s, today she showed the class how to make butter.  They had to do a lot of shaking to make the butter hard but they managed it and were able to spread it on some crackers to taste.  Well done everybody. graduation 460graduation 461 graduation 462graduation 463graduation 464 graduation 464 3rd February. Ms. O’Neills class were treated to hot chocolate with marshmallows  in the staffroom today, after all their hard work since Christmas they deserved   the lovely treat.  Yum!! graduation 451graduation 452 1st February 2016. Today is the feast of St. Brigid and to mark the day, we made some lovely St. Brigid crosses.  The children learned all about this very special lady   who is such an important saint in Ireland. graduation 449graduation 445graduation 447 29th January 2016. Friday is ‘Show & Tell’ day in Ms. Maguires class, this week the children are showcasing their favourite item of clothing. graduation 444graduation 443 graduation 442graduation 440 graduation 440 Thursday 28th January 2016. Ms. Maguire’s class did a story in their reading book about making hot chocolate so we decided to make it here  in the school to show the class.  We added some marshmallows and of course it wouldn’t be complete without chocolate biscuits.  Here they all are in the staffroom enjoying the lovely treat. graduation 436 27th January 2016.   Hi everyone, This week we are doing the sound ‘O’ in Ms. O’Neills class, all the children brought in super things beginning with ‘O’ they did really well considering there are very few things beginning with this sound. graduation 424 The children in Ms.O’ Neills are also on bird watch this week, they are on a mission to look and see as many birds as possible on there way to school, at home or even in the school yard. graduation 425 Both Speech & Language classes are busy with the ‘Zoom Boom’ exercises at home and at school.  The children in Ms. Maguires class have been posing in photos to show parents how they have to do them at home. graduation 427 Majus doing the bridge   exercise.   graduation 430 Sam demonstrating the balancing exercise. Look who is the student of the week in Ms. Maguire’s class. graduation 423 Well done Serena.   12th January 2016. Happy New Year!!  and a big welcome back to all the children. We have started 2016 with loads of energy for the  ‘Zoom Boom’ programme.  This is a six week activity programme based on child developmental milestones. (Gross and fine motor, play and social development skills). Each class works on flexibility, cardio, strength, co-ordination and balance through fun games and activities. All the children really enjoyed the class and their coach Aisling Doonan said they did great work. See the photos below. graduation 398 graduation 404   graduation 399     22nd December 2015. On behalf of all the children in the Speech & Language classes we would like to wish everybody a very happy and peaceful Christmas and New year. Keep safe and have a lovely time.  See you all in January 2016!!! graduation 390 16th December 2015. Our dress rehearsal this morning for our ‘Nativity show’, we did it for the two 2nd classes and some of the 6th class boys and their teachers, we were all really nervous but we did a pretty good job. graduation 350graduation 351   graduation 352graduation 353 15th December 2015.   The fifth and sixth class boys were singing carols in the market square this morning in aid of St. Vincent De Paul, the speech & language classes helped them out for awhile.  Then we walked back to school via the river to see how high the water was, the water was flowing really fast!!! graduation 341 graduation 346   14th December 2015. Sound of the week in Ms. O’Neills class is ‘m’, everyone brought in great things for our sound table. graduation 337 Harry had a special birthday 6 years old today!!! graduation 332 8th December 2015. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Ms. O’ Neills class this week.  The boys are wearing their Christmas hats while they work!  Check out our Christmas tree, look closely some of the decorations are edible, roll on next week till we eat them!!! graduation 326graduation 328 graduation 331graduation 330 27th November 2015. The children in both Speech & Language classes enjoyed a lovely bird show on Wednesday, we learned a lot about the barn owl. The children have been busy rehearsing  their Nativity show all week. Ms. O’Neills boys dressed up in their yellow jackets yesterday and enjoyed playing builders for awhile!! graduation 316graduation 315 20th November 2015. The children in Ms. Maguire’s class learned how to make scrambled eggs this morning.  They all got to crack an egg and stir the pan, but the best part was eating it with lovely toast.  As you can see they really enjoyed this lesson!! Yummy!!!  So all their Mum’s and Dad’s can expect a great breakfast this weekend!!!! graduation 267 graduation 270graduation 269   graduation 271graduation 272 graduation 272 20th November 2015. The boy’s in Ms. O’Neills class worked really hard this morning.  Ms.O’Neill called out a sentence and the boy’s had to write it down by themselves, and as you can see from the photo’s they did fantastic!! Super job boy’s. graduation 261 graduation 262graduation 263graduation 264 graduation 265graduation 266 graduation 266 12th November 2015. This week Junior/Senior Infants are doing the ‘c’ sound.  Ms. O’Neill brought in a Cake and Candles to give examples of this.  The children had turns to blow out the candles and they enjoyed the lovely cake afterwards. We also drew lovely cat pictures and they are displayed in the main corridor for everyone to see and admire. We also had a student this week Aine Donoghue helping out in the class.  Aine did a lesson on old toys and the children got to make their own. graduation 237graduation 238 Lovely cake!  Ben is just longing for it, hurry up Harry and blow them out quick . graduation 234graduation 233 graduation 235 graduation 246graduation 226graduation 186   graduation 187   12th – 16th October 2015.   We had a very busy week in St. Felims this week.  Ms. Maguire brought in loads of fruit and we did juicing, orange juice, apple juice and mixed up juice using pears, lemon, orange and strawberries.  She also juiced some vegetables but we weren’t too keen to try that one!! There was fruit and veg tasting from Niall in Glanmore.  The children wore a blindfold and had to guess what the fruit was by tasting it. We had the hoisting of the ‘Healthy School’ flag.  We had our monthly walk for the whole school.  The speech and language class walked as far as the town playground and got to play there for  half an hour.  We were very lucky with the beautiful day we had.  We also had a cereal morning on Friday, everyone brought in a bowl and spoon and the school provded them with cheerios cereal.  All classes also had either some toast, porridge or pancakes to fill them up.  All   donations went to Childline.  So thanks for donating!.  See photos below of our bumper filled week!!!   graduation 103graduation 104   graduation 112graduation 118 graduation 124graduation 122 graduation 137graduation 138graduation 166graduation 170 graduation 173graduation 177 graduation 175graduation 176 graduation 174 Thursday 8th October. We took advantage of the great weather to go on our yearly river walk.  We stopped by the chestnut tree on our way back to collect some conkers. Both classes had a great time! graduation 082graduation 087   graduation 086 8th  October 2015. Junior/Senior Infants had  a great time this morning making their indian headbands, iiiiiii indian.   graduation 075 6th October. This week is ‘i’ sound week in Ms. O’ Neils class.   Check out the great playdough ‘i’ that Junior Infants made. graduation 071 graduation 072   graduation 073 2nd  October Ms. Maguire’s class had a lovely afternoon on Friday making some marshmallow hats. graduation 067   graduation 069 1st October 2015. This morning the Infants speech & language class had a ‘toast’ morning in the teachers staff room as this week we are learning about the sound ‘t’. As you can see from the photos below the children thoroughly enjoyed it!! graduation 060   graduation 061   graduation 062   23rd September 2015. Yesterday we had a special visitor to our school, Sergeant David Mc Carney from the Irish Army came to present us with the Irish flag and a copy of the 1916 proclamation.  This is in preparation of the 100 year anniversary of the 1916 rising next March.  All schools in Ireland are going to receive the same gift. Conor Gibson in Junior Infants was the lucky pupil to be picked to receive the flag and the proclamation on the schools behalf.  (see photo). graduation 056 Class photos with Sergeant McCarney. graduation 053 graduation 058 September 2015. Welcome everyone from the two Speech & Language Classes in St. Felim’s. We are all ready for a new school year.  See our lovely photos on our first day.   graduation 022 Ms. Maguire’s senior class. graduation 042 Ms. O’Neill’s junior class. Keep an eye on our blog to see what we are going to be up to, we have a very busy year ahead!       Hi everyone, In April we had a visit from the local dental nurse.  She told us all about the acid monsters that can attack our teeth.  We spent alot of time talking about how to take care of our teeth.  We coloured lovely pictures, we got new toothbrushes and we got to use a model set of teeth to pratice on.  See our lovely photos below.  The Speech & Language classes are busy now, preparing for our speech and language show, tour, and sports day.  Updates to follow….speech and language 853 speech and language 851 speech and language 852 speech and language 866 speech and language 867 speech and language 868 speech and language 869 speech and language 864 speech and language 857 speech and language 858 speech and language 859 speech and language 860 speech and language 861 speech and language 862 speech and language 863       speech and language 778 speech and language 777 Hi everyone, February has been a busy month for both Speech & Language Classes. Firstly  we enjoyed a great morning at the cinema to see the film “Big Hero 6”, which we all thoroughly enjoyed judging by the happy faces above. On the 16th February we had our ‘Junk Art Workshop’, all the parents came in laden down with all types of cardboard and paper to make some incredible creations with their child.  This was a tremendous success and loved by all.  They were  admired the next day by all  the staff and children in our school at our ‘Junk Art Exhibition’. See photo’s below.   speech and language 783   speech and language 781




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